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More than 25 years ago, six attorneys started a law firm which quickly developed a national reputation as a preeminent litigation law firm.

Image by Pedro Lastra

Throughout that time, trial attorneys recognized that the litigation landscape evolved -- legal issues became increasingly complex; courtroom technology has changed the manner in which cases are presented to juries; and the social media has provided attorneys with a wealth of untapped information and investigative avenues. Just as the legal landscape evolves, so too does the Connolly Krause firm.

Jeremiah P. Connolly and Michael D. Krause formed Connolly Krause LLC to meet these new challenges. They recognize that in these changing times clients are looking for a more personalized, efficient approach and creative legal solutions.


CK’s partners collectively have over 100 years of litigation experience and have tried over 200 cases to verdict. CK’s partners impart this knowledge and skill to their associates who, in turn, provide fresh enthusiasm and their own unique perspective. This collaborative approach and mutual deference fosters creativity and successful outcomes.

CK’s mission is simple: Our success is intricately linked to the respect and loyalty that our attorneys share with our clients. We are committed to exceeding our own expectations, our colleagues’ expectations, and most importantly, our clients’ expectations.

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