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In February 2015, Michael D. Krause and Rachel D. Kiley obtained a defense verdict after a one week trial in a dental malpractice claim in which the jury only needed to deliberate for eleven minutes. Plaintiff alleged that Dr. Adams negligently performed dental work and failed to obtain informed consent. More specifically, Plaintiff argued that she went to see Dr. Adams for two implants. Instead, Dr. Adams did the preparatory work for a full-mouth restoration.

Plaintiff argued that her costly pre-existing bridge and crown work were all ripped out and that Dr. Adams over-prepared her existing teeth to such an extensive degree that she is now required to undergo expensive gum and crown lengthening surgery just to return her mouth to where it was before the procedure.

Plaintiff, a 47-year-old psychologist, also sought recovery for past and future loss of normal life, as well as past and future pain and suffering. Plaintiff argued that she experienced problems such as a speech impediment, difficulty eating, weight loss, bleeding and irritated gums and embarrassment from temporary crowns falling out in public. The jury disagreed with Plaintiff and returned a verdict of not guilty.

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