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CK Attorneys Obtain Summary Judgment in Defamation Case

CK Partner Michael D. Krause and senior associate Logan N. Giaquinta successfully obtained summary judgment in a case bringing counts for defamation per se and false-light invasion of privacy. In his filing, Plaintiff law firm argued that Defendants’ conduct, relating to the posting of internet reviews on websites like Yelp and Facebook, amounted to defamation per se and false light. However, after the death of co-defendant, the individual who authored and created the internet review posts, CK moved for summary judgment on behalf of the remaining defendant restaurant, arguing that the death of co-defendant necessarily abated all of Plaintiffs’ claims under the Survival Act and Illinois law. After full briefing and oral argument, the Court agreed with all of CK’s arguments, including arguments relating to the abatement of Plaintiff’s false light count, which was a matter of first impression in Illinois. CK’s motion for summary judgment on behalf of defendant restaurant was granted as to Plaintiffs’ entire cause of action.


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